Face lift

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Procedure Candidates

The ideal facelift patient is a man or a woman who has started to notice facial or neck skin laxity. This procedure is ideal in patients that have retained elasticity of the skin. Any patient that demonstrates skin laxity of the face may be a candidate for a facelift. Typically, patients are in their 50-65 year old age group are first to seek out this operation. However, it is not uncommon for healthy patients in their 70’s and 80’s to be suitable candidates for the procedure. Facelifts are commonly combined with other facial cosmetic procedures including eyelid surgery, injectable fillers/botulinum toxin or brow surgery.

As Dr. Lewis states,

“Following consultation we can come up with a plan to restore to you a more youthful, vital appearance.”

Procedure Description

In my practice, the face lift procedure is designed to address your unique anatomic concerns. Generally, the skin is elevated and deeper tissues are tightened. Fat is sculpted, removed or repositioned. Liposuction or direct fat removal is commonly performed and that fat can also be replaced into areas of the face to replace lost fullness. Incisions are placed in well-concealed locations and closed precisely with sutures. Metal clips are used within any hairline incisions. These sutures and clips are removed within the first six to 10 days following surgery. Typically, a small drain tube is placed at the time or surgery and removed within the first 24 hours after surgery.

What to Expect

I am privileged to perform face lift surgery at all facilities that I am on staff. However, typically, I perform the majority of my cosmetic surgery at the Surgery Center, Canfield. The procedure is performed with anesthesia for your comfort. This procedure is normally performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient going home to recover post operatively. However, with proper planning, we can make arrangements for you to stay overnight at the surgery center. Normally, face lift procedures alone take two to two and a half hours. However, the procedure may take longer if other procedures are combined with the face lift. Typically, there is only mild discomfort following the procedure and you will be provided with a prescription for pain relief if needed.


You will be contacted by the surgery center prior to your procedure. All of your instructions will be reviewed with you by my office as well as by the surgery center. Remember, nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night prior to your procedure! You will need a ride to and from the surgery center. Remember, to discuss any medications you are taking with Dr. Lewis prior to your procedure. Also, make sure you have discontinued any blood thinners or aspirin well before the procedure. That topic will be reviewed with Dr. Lewis before surgery and also any medication discontinuation should be approved by your family doctor or prescribing physician. Also, smoking is strongly discouraged, especially in face lift surgery. Please discuss any smoking with Dr. Lewis pre operatively.


Specific post operative instructions will be provided to you following your procedure. For the first night or two it is recommended that you rest with your head elevated. You should be up regularly and routinely the night of surgery to minimize the risk for blood clot formation in the legs. You will see Dr. Lewis within 24 hours following your procedure and the dressings will be changed and the drain removed. You will be able to shower and wash your hair normally within 36 hours from surgery. You should expect some bruising and numbness. Strenuous activity should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks. Specific limitations and situations should be addressed directly with Dr. Lewis. Again, all of these instructions and limitations will be reviewed with you by Dr. Lewis at your pre and post operative appointments. Questions are welcomed!