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Procedure Candidates

Trauma candidates are those who have suffered serious injuries, such as car accidents, burns and gunshot wounds to rural and agricultural accidents and falls. Today, due to improved treatment options for so many disfiguring conditions, the emotional and physical results of the damage to your body by trauma are very different from what they were in the past. The specific type of surgery will be determined in meetings with Dr. Lewis based on such factors as your age and health, severity of the situation, your tolerance of certain medications, procedures or therapies, and your own personal preferences. Dr. Lewis does take call at the only, local LEVEL 1 TRAUMA CENTER in this area

As Dr. Lewis states,

“Patients in need of trauma reconstructive surgery need understanding and caring as well as expert medical advice, given all that they’ve gone through. My staff and I will lay out all the options and work with you to come up with a plan of action suited to your specific case.”

Procedure Description

Trauma reconstructive surgery, covering a wide array of injury sources (such as facial deformities, craniofacial deformities, extremity injuries, burns, complex wounds and others), focuses on restoring form and/or function to the part of the body affected. Procedures, therefore, vary in their complexity. Dr. Lewis will guide you through your surgical options and explain in detail what your particular procedure encompasses.

What to Expect

Given the wide range of trauma reconstructive procedures, there is a wide array of options in what you may expect. Whatever your situation, you can expect Dr. Lewis and his staff to treat you with the utmost respect and fully describe and answer any and all questions regarding the procedure he suggests is best for you.


You will visit with Dr. Lewis multiple times before surgery to discuss your desires and expectations. Occasionally, post traumatic reconstructive surgery, may be covered by insurance. If there are concerns about potential coverage please address those with Dr. Lewis and his staff at the time of your appointment. Every effort will be made to seek pre authorization for your procedure if that is felt to be appropriate after meeting with Dr. Lewis.


Postprocedure instruction will be specifically detailed dependent upon the type of surgery you will undergo. Questions of follow-up meetings with Dr. Lewis, suture removal, potential additional surgery, return to work and normal activities and other topics will be gone over before your procedure.